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Welcome to Rooster Farms, a quickly growing tiny organic Hawaiian coffee farm, coop & micro roastery - we also grow organic turmeric, all in South Kona, Hawai'i. A permaculture farm, we grow fresh roots which compliments our coffee, helping it grow better and strengthening the soil's microbiome. A coffee roastery made up of coffee farmers!  We are a tiny scientist + artist team and we'd like to share our love for the process.


The biggest problem faced by coffee roasters is having quality control over their crop. As farmers, being able to grow, harvest, and process coffee gives us the knowledge to excellently control the quality of our beans from seed to cup, from the start to the final roasting step for the freshest and most flavorful cup.

By supporting our farm your are supporting a women-owned, disability-owned, small business and the rich agricultural family life that supports the Kona region and the Big Island of Hawaii.


Rooster Farms on PBS !

Done in 2021, read more about our small, innovative team and award winning Kona and Hawaiian coffee farm


We love high quality, extremely flavorful coffee! And so does every passionate coffee roaster and Kona coffee farmer..!  So what makes our story unique?

While Ed is an inventor and engineer, Tara an artist and writer, together they have developed the impossible! Being together 23 years they are embarking on yet another symbiotic endeavor - humanity's first Reactionless Engine. What originally brought us to Hawai'i was Ed's Sustainable Fertilizer Technology which we use on our farm. We gladly love to keep our customers and coffee fans in the loop of our progress!  When we arrived we also took on the farming and roasting. It is your support of our small organic farm and roastery that helps make it possible to spread the word and keep going!

We moved out to the middle of the Pacific, to the top of a jungle mountain, to a house with no walls, from living nearly 20 years in the heart of New York City. We learn more and more what it means to truly be in regular, casual conversation with the land, not putting Nature on a pedestal but instead being With it on a daily basis, and to be surrounded by the natural world.


It was the best decision we've ever made and you're very welcome to visit!


South Kona, HI, USA


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