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Who is Rooster Farms?

Welcome to the cool mountaintops 1600+ feet from sea level in South Kona, Hawai'i, where Rooster Farms lives and thrives! While Ed is an environmental engineer and scientist, and Tara an artist working with photographic mixed media and installation, we inform our skills with our passions and are seed-to-cup and Kona-coffee farmers and roasters in a new generation :] We took on the Oldest Certified Organic farm in Hawai'i from who I call Master Mike, Mike Craig, the former farmer, known locally as the "Yoda of Coffee," a pioneer in coffee being one of the first roasters ever in the Kona and the U.S. in the 1960s/70s. Combining every meticulous detail taught to us, with our updated and innovative agricultural methods & research, and using proprietary technology Ed created to give the plants the nutrients they need in a sustainable way, we do every step from seed to cup, from hand-picking to processing to roasting.  In 2015 Ed and Tara left their life in New York City to pursue a more rewarding life in the natural world; a tiny team of entrepreneurial farmers who simultaneously build their scientific and artistic advances, we love keeping our customers in the loop on all our endeavors, helping Rooster Farms thrives each day. Our current Team Rooster consists of Ed, Tara, the Unstoppable Jessada, and the Amazing Sandy!


Winner Kona Coffee Cultural Cupping Contest


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