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Why is Kona Grown Coffee So Special?

Is it really that unique?!

Rooster Farms

Rooster Farms partners with a large portion of Kona coffee farms. There are over 800 Kona coffee farms but most are no more than 4–6 acres in average size. Rooster Farms can meet the high demand of Kona coffee, which sells out almost annually as it is a smaller global coffee region, because we work together giving a platform to share delicious Kona beans and with the rest of the world.  By supporting Rooster Farms you are supporting locally based communities, families and farmers.

Women Owned, Spouse Team

By purchasing Rooster Farms products you are supporting United States labor, Small Farms, and the connected communities of Hawai'i and small businesses throughout the United States.


Rooster Farms is a 100% women-owned and disability-owned small business, run by a tiny but strong husband and wife team.


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What's so special about this coffee?

U.S. Grown

Hawaiian, Kona-Region coffee is U.S. grown so you are supporting locally based small community of farms and agriculturally driven economy. Because Kona coffee specifically is heavily reliant on migrant labor, you are also supporting the rich diversity and immigrant history of the United States..

Kona Grown

But not all Hawaiian coffee is equal.! When grown specifically in the Kona region, the coffee is hugely benefitting from the very unique, special and rare growing environment due to the microclimate and elevation in the Kona Coffee Belt. While rich black volcanic soil is a big factor in flavor, Kona is the only coffee region in the world with an active volcano with a slow "Hawaiian eruption." The great Kilauea sends gaseous volcanic nutrients that are hard to find otherwise and make for excellent crops, including flavor-dense, sweet coffee.

Why is is so costly?

I Know Kona-Grown Coffee's flavor is so special due to the unique location, but why is it so expensive?!

It's because it's farmed in the U.S, which means paying U.S. wages! The average laborer in coffee regions of the globe are paid about $1/100 Lbs of coffee picked. Coffee is extremely labor intensive! We do not use machine pickers which loses quality due to mass production; Kona coffee is all hand-picked, which contributes to a high-quality bean.

Kona coffee pickers are paid an average of $1.75/1 Lb of coffee picked. Migrant workers are often able to support their families in other countries simply by traveling to Kona for a single harvest season.

This is also why there is no available fair trade certification for Kona & Hawai'i grown coffee: Kona region coffee workers are paid 10-15 times the minimum requirements for fair trade labeling, so it becomes inapplicable, and it is much higher quality pay than most fair-trade-approved products.

U.S. labor means proper working conditions as the norm. By supporting the Kona region of coffee you are supporting U.S. labor, fair and humanitarian treatment labor, and the many Kona coffee families that make up the agricultural community on the Island, and the many small U.S. businesses that interlink within the Kona area.

And did we say how flavorful it is?

Very Fresh!

Finally, if anything must be the number one determining factor for coffee or any food product, it is freshness: Fresh small-batch roasts, a few times per week; And, there are no international shipping times nor import customs as our coffee is grown right here in the U.S. You are getting coffee direct from the farm :)

When you purchase Kona-grown Hawaiian coffee you are getting U.S.-labor-supported, extremely fresh coffee -- shipped right away!

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