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Quick Pour Over Guide

A perfectly delicious cup of coffee certainly starts with science and the art of cooking; all variables will affect the flavor your final cup of coffee:

- Water Temperature
- Grounds Courseness or Fineness
- Grounds to Water Ratio
- Freshness and Quality of Coffee
- Roast Profile ( Medium, Dark, etc. ) of Coffee
- The Type of Filter you Use - Paper, Bleached or Unbleached Paper, Cloth, Metal, etc.

HOWEVER! We believe there is no such thing as perfect; the perfect cup of coffee is the one you like to drink. Start with a base ratio of 15:1 water to grounds, never use boiling water – 185 to 205 Fahrenheit is ideal, and most people prefer a slightly finer grind than say, for French Press which is quite course; and then go from there.

Coffee is very subjective..! to find the perfect coffee that you personally enjoy!

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