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Why is Hawaiian Coffee so Special?!

Hawaiian coffee is U.S. grown so you are supporting locally based communites, families and farmers. Because Kona coffee specifically is heavily reliant on transient labor, you are also supporting the rich immigrant history of the United States.

But not all Hawaiian coffee is equal.! When grown specifically in the Kona region, the coffee is hugely benefiting from the very unique, special and rare growing environment due to the microclimate and elevation in the Kona Coffee Belt, the gaseous volcanic nutrients in the air due to the only active volcano in the world that is a slow "Hawaiian eruption," as well in the soil being rich black volcanic soil.

Finally, if anything actually is the number one determining factor for coffee or any food product, it is freshness: there are no international shipping times nor import customs as our coffee is grown right here in the US. You are getting coffee direct from the farm :)

The Kona region is also so small, that we used annually. This means Kona coffee is never more than 8-10 months old and very often only 1-6 months, from the current year's harvest. ( Properly stored green coffee lasts over 1 year before it begins to spoil ).

When you purchase Kona-grown coffee you are getting U.S.- labor-supported, extremely fresh, coffee -- grown, roasted only to order, and shipped right away!

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