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Hawaiian Turmeric Roots, Grown Only on Big Island ( The island of Hawai'i )


Fresh turmeric root grown as a co-supportive permacultre crop on our family Kona Coffee farm in Hawai'i!


Why is Hawai'i-grown turmeric so special?

Most all of the world's turmeric unfortunately carries high amounts of lead. The turmeric root has a natural ability to draw heavy metals from the ground as it grows.


Since Big Island is one of the youngest pieces of land in the world, it has not had enough time to develop lead in its soil.


Grown in the same soil as our gourmet Kona Coffee, our turmeric has been lab tested to prove that it does not have the time to put an ounce of lead. We are happy to provide lab results if you inquire.


Every shipment of fresh turmeric is inspected by the USDA to allow shipment out of Hawaii, and stamped on the box. No other source of turmeric has this level of quality assurance!

Best used for culinary and medicinal purposes! But good for planting too :)



Rooster Farms:

We are a permaculture farm on the Big Island of Hawai'i, and we are the oldest certified organic farm in Hawai'i!

1Lb: Hawaii-Island-Grown, Fresh Raw Turmeric Root.

Price Options
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Fresh Roots Monthly
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$15.29every month for 12 months

    Our turmeric products are harvested fresh to order

    This means we have 1.5 week average processing time


    Coming from Hawai'i, we have to undergo strict inspection through the Department of Agriculture to ship out organic products.

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