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Japanese Taro - also known as Dasheen or Satoimo or Araimo -  cucullata is 5 lb of Japanese taro root bulbs for growing or eating -- USDA Inspected no chemicals or sprays.


These bulbs are used to make taro ice cream, smoothies and other delectable taro treats.

A popular and tasty way to eat is to simply steam then top with some sugar or salt.


Dasheen can be be eaten or planted. These taros, or kalo, are used in Hawaiian cooking to make laulau leaf wraps because of their delectable tenderness. The roots can be eaten as a hot nutritious meal or snack, or they can be cooked down and made into a flour for baked goods.



Taro can be grown inside in containers for year-round deliciousness!

Our taro has been growing on this farm for 40 years and they are among our customers' favorites!

5Lbs: Japanese Taro

Price Options
One-time purchase
Gardener Plus!
Receive new roots every 2months for each new planting!
$29.33every 2 months for 8 months
  • Shipping produce is always a risk, so if you have any problems let us know.

    We have a 100% money back guarantee, no hassles refund/replacement policy for all our roots.

    We will not ask you to ship back any produce you find unsatisfactory!

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